Sustainable Futures - encouring and promoting healthy, sustainable communities
 Vision. Mission. Values. Principles...


A transformed future for humanity and the earth. A peaceful, prosperous, and just world.


To offer consulting services that will empower and inspire individuals, agencies and communities to operate from their highest values and potential to be of greater service to the whole. Encouraging and promoting healthy, sustainable communities.

Values, Beliefs, and Commitments

  • Personal commitment to integrity, diversity, and compassionate service
  • Understanding of the interconnected nature of social, economic, spiritual, and environmental concerns
  • Belief that by focusing on the highest positive potential of an individual, team or organization, the greater the opportunity for transformation and sustainable success
  • Value placed on the uniqueness and special giftedness of each individual to make a positive contribution to the "whole"
  • Understanding the nature and importance of "place" and place-based solutions
  • Commitment to the UN's Millennium Development Goals ( to meet the needs of the world's poorest

Core Operating Principles

  • Holistic, integrated practice of community development
  • Promotion of creativity, inspired action, and synergy
  • Embracing a spirit of generosity
  • Fostering collaborative relationships and partnerships
  • Encouragement of strategic thinking
  • Flexible and responsive to client priorities
  • Confidential, committed service Sustainable Futures specializes in consultation to the community development field
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