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Consulting Services: Visioning and Strategic Planning

When well done, Strategic Planning represents the "blueprint" of the highest and best of collective intentions and dreams. Assistance will be given to tapping into the positive core of an agency or team and designing a plan that builds on these "highest and best" aspects. Appreciative Inquiry utilizes a four-fold process:

  • Discover the best of what is already present and what works well
  • Dream "what might be" if everything worked at its highest potential
  • Design processes and structures that need to be in place for the dream to become a reality
  • Destiny inspires a series of actions that support ongoing learning and innovation or "what will be."

The use of a model grounded in Appreciative Inquiry has demonstrated remarkable results throughout the business world as well as the nonprofit community.  This approach to projects dramatically improves results by encouraging people to study, discuss, learn from and build on what's working, rather than simply trying to fix what's not.

Sustainable Futures specializes in consultation to the community development field
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