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 Consulting Services: Organizational Development
Organizational Mentoring

Assisting organizations develop leaders and create programs that will make lasting contributions in their communities

Realizing that sustainable organizational development occurs when the beliefs, attitudes and habits of people in an organization transform, Organizational Mentoring promotes organizational development through the focused attention on the vision, values and actions of individual members of the team, as well as how the team functions together as a whole.

Organizational Mentoring is designed to:

  • Assist organizations discover their strengths and the best of what already exists
  • Build on current assets and abilities that are identified
  • Support personal and organizational renewal, levels of performance and behavior (support of excellence)
  • Support individual members of the team in undertaking the kind of personal growth necessary to support the overall development of their shared mission
  • Access and unleash core competencies in team members
  • Assist in the development of new competencies for team members
  • Increase overall organizational awareness by ensuring a flow of communication, information and data
  • Encourage integration of learning so information and knowledge is broadly available and can be applied to new situations
  • Promote an overall positive culture and attitude for transformation

Organizational mentoring is ideal for nonprofit organizations, faith-based organizations and teams, and public bodies.

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