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 Consulting Services: Resouce Development

Our approach to resource development is based on the belief that people want to give. The task for any organization is to focus on the transformative affect that occurs in our communities when our programs are fueled by the resources provided by our donors. Rather than focusing purely on what we perceive as our “need”, our philanthropy becomes integrated with our core mission and programs of the agency.

Sustainable Futures, LLC will assist agencies and their donors look at new possibilities, focus on meaning, collaborate with others, and begin to expect new breakthroughs in their mission.

Both agencies and donors are offered ways to create a positive, shared image of the future both desire and ways to bring that future to fruition through positive action.

Sustainable Futures will work with agencies to create an overall Fund Development Plan, as well as assist with research, grant writing, and developing relationships with donors.

Sustainable Futures specializes in consultation to the community development field
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