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Strengthening the hands of those who serve

The Executive Mentoring Program is a one-on-one, customized development program designed to serve as a transforming and empowering engagement. The purpose is to facilitate the individual growth necessary to produce results beyond present levels or beliefs of what might otherwise be possible. It is an ideal program for nonprofit directors and key staff as well as faith-based organizations. It can also be tailored for senior level staff of municipalities, counties, or state-wide organizations.

The intended outcomes of developing an Executive Mentoring relationship are to facilitate the following:

  • Build a solid personal foundation on which to act with courage, clarity and compassion
  • Develop strong personal and organizational mission statement
  • Lead from deeper core values
  • Think strategically and inspire shared mission, values, and visions
  • Determine appropriate goals, strategies, and action plans
  • Enhance management and leadership skills
  • Identify personal strengths, hopes, priorities, and dreams for the future
  • Learn balance and reduce stress
  • Embrace a high level of commitment to personal change and transformation
  • Engage in collaborative relationships to produce results in communities that can not be achieved alone


12 months is recommended, although 6 months is available

Conducted in person, by phone, and through e-mail

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