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 Consulting Services: Organizational Development
Organizational Assessments & Capacity Building Plans

An organization will be guided though an assessment process utilizing key indicators from the categories listed below. A custom designed plan will be developed for the agency, based on the results of the assessment. The plan might include training, on-site technical assistance, mentoring, or a combination of all three. Referrals to other specialists will also be made where appropriate.

Whether an organization is just at its beginning stages, is in an intermediate stage of development or is already mature, the following types of capacity are essential:

  • Organizational: Strength of internal operations (Human Resources, internal communication and teamwork)
  • Programmatic: Ability to delivery quality products and services
  • Financial: Ability to generate, acquire, manage and maintain resources from diverse sources
  • Networking and Partnerships: Ability to interact and work with other organizations and institutions
  • Advocacy: Ability to credibly represent the community or clientele and act effectively on their behalf
  • Adapative: Ability to monitor and assess the internal and external environment and to make changes when necessary


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